Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This could be YOU

If you've just landed a job in marketing or advertising the guy in this film will probably be you for a while.

Enjoy an honest look at the advertising industry.

And if you have just come into the industry then you may like to read this advice from a US AdSchool Lecturer. This article was found via the high quality planning blog diablogue.

Guinness World Record - Shortest Radio AD

BBDO Onslo have created the shortest ever radio ad, which once you listen to it you will agree that it couln't have taken much 'creating' although it is built on a sound idea. 'tee hee, I made a pun.

You may also notice the client that the ad is for. Strage coincidence.

Click for English Version

From Adrants

Semantics Pose Great Conceptual Challengers

Consider the idea of an engaging campaign. What does it do to the consumer? What is one way we would like them to react? We want them to be 'Drawn In'.
In thinking this, I thought whad 'Drawn In' could literally mean in the context of advertising. With much of the advertising out there, the desired effect is much like the image below. This is the lesser of the two potential meanings attached to the phrase which I hope is obvious.

A great campaign WILL draw you in, but not because it fills your head with stuff. The power to draw you in comes from how involved you feel. How much opportunity the communication creates for you. Where it inspires you to go. What you are inspired to do, and how much value you can take from it without even purchasing the product.

That is truly Drawn In.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shane Warne - the Advanced Man

Advanced Hair is a company that specialize in hair regrowth, if that's even possible. They are therefore mainly targeting men so it's ok if their ads are a little blokey...right.

As you will surely know, Shane Warne is their current personality endorsing the product in their TV advertising, they even have an SMS joke in one of the executions.

I'm not here to talk about the executions rather, whether it's a smart thing for any brand to take on such a loose cannon as the face of the brand.

Many sportstars, popstars and the famous in general are paid to endorse products. All too many times are they caught acting in a way that is not in line with the brand, or worse, using the competior product eg. Britney Spears drinking Coke when she is the face of Pepsi.

I suppose any company or brand runs the risk of their star mascot going off the rails and its a gamble worth taking if they have the potential to add value to the brand if they don't end up being naughty.

Back to Shane Warne, and maybe his antics are what the guys at Advanced Hair are looking for in a brand ambassador. Maybe their target market are all bogans who like to sleep around with as many english slappers as they can. I could have it all wrong.

If they are in fact trying to align themselves with this kind of rowdy, laddish, slapper- sex, then I am positive they will be happy about the latest images circulating via email.

Get in there Warnie, dickhead.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I just had to mention it

This article may not actually be real. However, it does highlight the power of suggestion, and indeed the vast power of the digital age. Where anything can be anything and anyone can be someone else.

Your brand or company image could be in need of some orchestrated PR, or maybe it's suffering from an overload of pomp. But it pays to be vitally aware of how you can use techniques such as this to subtlely or overtly guide your image.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sony Bravia Ad Spoof for Tango (UK)

Recently in this blog I posted some comments about the beauty of the Sony Bravia ad (see below).

And in typical internet spoof style a rip of the ad is now running for Tango, a fruit drink in the UK.

I must say I like both versions !

And here is the original Sony Bravia Full 150 sec Brand Film. I can't tell you how much I love this execution.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Is buying media cheaper if you go direct?

Many small to medium clients beleive that Agencies 'Mark up" media when they place it. They therefore may opt to deal direct with the media organization thinking they are cutting out the middle man. This is for the majority of media channels is completely incorrect.

Above and beyond offering the 'same' costings as going direct, agencies generally have stronger buying power in that they are dealing with the media on a regular basis and in most cases be buying more than just your space at that time.

In fact, in addition to potential better costings the client also gains by having the agency select the most appropriate media for their particular communication objectives. When dealing direct it is impossible to get impartial advice from the publisher since they have their own business interests to meet, not yours. An agency on the other hand only has your interests in mind when they choose a media channel for you. Since success of the campaign will dictate whether you keep them on as an agency.

It simply comes down to the fundamentals of the business interests of each party. On which the media is not capable of being earnest, nor are they able to offer lower cost.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blogging Trend Tracking

By virtue of you reading this I take for granted that you are farmiliar with Blogs and are aware that they are turning the internet into a peer publishing bonanza. They contain mostly rubbish about so-and-so's life that no one cares about, but they can also contain personal comment about current trends, products and brands.

Neilsen have released a new service that allows you to seach over 100 million blogs for a particular word of phrase. Thus dropping the dipstick into the populous sump and taking a reading of how things are doing for your particular interest.

There is a free version which works quite well although can only capture up to 6 moths of blog data. There are far more sophisticated versions with various analysis as a pay service.

Peer inspired media has never been so rampant and certainly never had the infinite reach that it enjoys via the internet. This tool allows marketers to gauge how well they are getting their messages out into a tradditionally hard to measure arena: unprovoked conversation.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Agency Launch

Readers of this blog will be pleased to hear that the authour has launched a full service Advertising Agency specialising in strategies for smaller brands.

Introducing Biggs & Bigger.

The Agency is operating as of May 2006 and is set to see the website very soon. The Philosophy is similar to the big small brands idea outlined in this blog. That is, there is much to be learned from powerful brands that can be used on the small scale to similar effect. Their work includes everything from design through to integrated campaign strategy.

Clients history of Mike Biggs
Subaru Australia
Allianz Insurance
Bellevale Homes
CPG Australia
Penrith Pilates Studio
Gadget Central
Jaycar Electronics
Merrylands RSL

You can however contact us at the agency on this email. We are happy to meet with you about any project you may have.

The Big Small Brands Book

Slow progress so far and I know I keep going on about it but the book is definetly on its way... no really it is!!

The good news is that the content being loaded into it is getting better and better with each revision. So I have no doubt it will be a favoured resource for all of you marketeers out there who want the advertising mumbo jumbo presented simply and clearly. Best of all it can be used as a 'how to' for developing campaigns when the expertese is not available or is too costly for your current budget.

I endeavour to keep you posted, but in the mean time, browse my articles and catch something of interest before the official release of chapter one.