Friday, October 20, 2006

Red Symons on Jaycar Products

Product endorsements can come in many shapes and sizes, but I wonder if this one is an exception to the rules. Red Symons has started to put up some You Tube videos, one of which he points out the ultimate uselessness of a number of USB gadgets that all happen to be stocked by Jaycar Electronics.

The saying goes that any PR is good PR, so in this case I wonder whether the crack team over at Jaycar HQ are sophisticated enough to realize this possibility. Red certainly doesn't hold back in giving it to the products, he even shows the Jaycar catalogue a number of times. My guess is that in Red's typical sarcastic view he has found himself a target that happens to be farily deserving of the abuse directed at them. However, I suspect there could be a bit of interest in USB Gadgets stirred thanks to Red's video.


Bravia Final Edit

This is the final of the much anticipated second execution for the Sony Bravia TV.

I am less excited now since I have seen it. It's not as impressive as the handy cam cut that was released during production, plus it looks too digitally modified considering they actually splattered the building with real paint.

Give me the bouncy balls any day.

And here's the first video that we saw months ago. Better in my book.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A brand is successful when it stops gathering and is gathered.

Brands start by associating themselves with symbols, experiences, emotions and other brands. The process of packaging specifically what values the brand stands for is realized through borrowing from others. How do we know when the brand is successful enough and can stop borrowing? A fundamental shift happens that illustrates and answers this question. Brands know their own success when individuals begin to borrow from them in order to create their own personal brand. In the same way as the virgining brand, an individual borrows form successful companies and iconic imagery in order to tightly package who they are in the eyes of others. At what point does a brand stop borrowing and start lending? Is there any overlap or do they never stop borrowing?

Stay tuned for what I think are the answers....

Passionate Presentations

I am not specifically a Microsoft supporter, but the clip below shows a level of passion and energy that anyone should envy. If you ever make a presentation, lecture, or pitch there is definitely something to be learned from the insane Steve Ballmer. Take a look, and save up your gusto for your next presentation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Biggs the Australian Fast Bowler

At an Agency I worked for we developed an idea to sell cricket bats. We didn't steal any runs of the client but the idea still hit them for 6.

The idea is funny, but the real joke is me as the 'Australian Fast Bowler'. If I don't make it in advertising, there's always an acting career.