Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Swiss Paper prints Fake Gucci Ad

This sexy man is not a Gucci model. He is a prankster who successfully elevated himslef to fame by creating theis Gucci ad himself. He convinced a Swiss paper to run it, presumably pretending to be an advertising agency, and told them to send the bill directly to Gucci, which they did.

I am part of the advertising industry, and probably should be annoyed or offended, but in fact I am impressed at the creative genius of this guy.

What a DUDE.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Energy Drink - Mother - Uses Channel 10's 'The Wedge'

Mother, one of the newest cans to carry the same old liquid known as an energy drink, is disguising some of it advertising on channel 10 as a 'Wedgedale' news report, where the closest thing you get to any information about what the product is, is a website.

Channel 10 doesn't have much going for it except the Simpsons, which has huge appeal that must be recognised even if you don't like the show. One of their 'F' grade in house productions includes 'The Wedge' which is a fairly lame mixture of the last 20 years of comedy on commercial television, executed with no trace of wit or class.

The annoyance is that you have to go to the website to find out what the product is. This kind of interruption was considered a good thing in Advertising, giving supposed 'cut through'. But with consumers changing and developing their attitudes toward media and brands, the ultimate fact can't be denied; interruption is interruption.

Are they too stupid to develop a campaign that actually offers something to the viewer, who spends his own time to visit their website?

Maybe sneaky trickery is not annoying to the target audience who enjoy the low brow programming of channel 10. It really is a young / uneducated viewership, maybe they are intrigued? If this be true, it contradicts everything we think we know about the gen Y, ie. they are marketing savvy.

I am a marketing exec, so I hate being marketed to. But Gen Y, as much as they are technology savvy, don't have a clue when they are being marketed at.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brand Launch or Re-Launch

Developing or evaluating your brand can be hard when you are so close to your product / business. That' s why we developed a 17 page Brand Launch Primer to aid the process. It covers some of the basic drivers behind brand development then gets into some highly effective creative development tools.

Example Tools :

The Mood Board

The Brand Onion


It won't do the work for you, but it's fantastic guide for client side development.

Free to Download here

Can't see the PDF File?

P Mail and Media Convergence

There's alot of talk about media convergence at the moment and who can ignore the very active blurring of media channels that is taking place. You can watch TV on an Ipod, or view a magazine on the internet.

This example is the most fun.

Paper Based Email

It's Easy!
Instructions (taken from the Author)
1. Download the P-Mail template.
2. Print it out. (You'll need to scale it, so it all fits on one page)3. 'Write' to your friends.
4. 'Post' the letter (this requires an envelope and stamps).
credits go to the Author Gary Kemble