Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sony Bravia LCD TVC - It oozes of a great brand - You can too

Background to the ad.

Sony have not long released their new LCD television range with one all important improvement. Colour. And who am I to comment on whether it's a fantastic technological advancement or not, my CRT television with a fuzzy antenna looks just fine to me.

The Ad itself.

What I was impressed with was the TV Ad they are running. If you have not already seen it click on the link below and you can view it. Set in a San Fransisco street giving the desired incline, 250,000 coloured bouncy balls were set loose. All captured from a range of wonderfully directed angles and played in slow motion to capture the mood of beautiful chaos. To top it off the soundtrack is so emotionally charged yet 'cool' the ad is a work of art.

You too can create a presence like this.

The only thing that links this ad to Sony is the logo at the end. If we exchanged it for another brand name it would then stand for their brand. This is a weakness in brand advertising of this nature but by the same token, once associated with Sony (and we expect nothing less from them) the value to the Sony Bravia brand is phenomenal.

This execution (ad) cost a mint to make especially since they did it for real and refused to use computer generated effects for the coloured balls. But you don't need to spend this kind of money to get an equally effective ad. The strength in this ad is the solid idea behind it. The balls, both evoke an emotional response AND connect to the product attribute. A great ad is a great idea no matter how you make the ad. As proof of my big small brand idea- you can develop a brand as strong as this and you don't need to spend Sony money to do it.

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Sony were so confident of the ad's success and popularity amoungst Advertising types and the general public they have erected a site dedicated to it. It even had downloads, I suggest you get the wallpapers they are very uplifting!!