Wednesday, March 14, 2007

McDonalds are way off brand

In their effort to desperately keep up with current health trends, McDonalds are continually re-inventing their menu. The new products appear to be an effort to make more money by offering more product lines, however it is also a retention exercise aimed at keeping tradditional customers who are thinking of lapsing due to the health issues.

The lates addition to the menu is a range of Heart Tick approved meals which on its own has cause a little controversy. Coincidentally at the same time McDonalds introduced their Heart Tick meals, the Heart Tick Foundation began its own campaign. The campaign (executed via TV ads and lots of PR and even current affairs shows) tells us that a Heart Tick Approval can not simply be bought. The message is that even though there are costs to be paid by a brand to have the tick, these costs are for running the organization and not to buy the tick, the approval, must be earned, they say.

Talk about paranoia. But can you blame them, I'm sure they are happy to have the revenue from the McDonalds Corporation, but what about the bad image for the Heart Tick Foundation? Even though the burgers were approved, people still think they are complete junk.

Now onto McDonalds.

What are they thinking introducing these meals. The most recent step in their march toward politically correctness for the fat ass industry, has taken them even further from their true brand.

They are a fat, fast food brand. Healthy meals for the health conscious adult is not part of it. Can they get any further from their core brand? Sure. Take all the Big Mac's, Quarter Pounders, and deep fried Fries of the menu. There you go, we're now McFresh. If so, you might aswell drop the Mc part because it offers no brand value, or relevance to a healthy fast food chain.

If they become healthy, they are not McDonalds anymore.

Mike Biggs

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