Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poor Grammar

In my continuing quest for perfect use of the Queen's English, I report that I have found yet another example of poor grammar in retail signage. This image was taken in one of those healthy fast food stores that I hope know more about making fresh food than they do about grammar.

The error in case you can't pick it, is the lack of a comma after the word 'and', as underlined in red. Without the comma, the sentence implies a stronger link between the words fatigue and confusion. The intention of the writer is to give equal weight to all three words in the list; depression, fatigue, and confusion. To give a stronger link between the latter two would simply not make sense.

Mike Biggs


Anonymous said...

Who would pay that much attention to a blurb about bananas?

Mike said...

Great point! You are probably right. The need for such scrutiny is far lower than that offered by me. None the less, it still annoys me since I make the effort. Why don't others?