Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blogging Trend Tracking

By virtue of you reading this I take for granted that you are farmiliar with Blogs and are aware that they are turning the internet into a peer publishing bonanza. They contain mostly rubbish about so-and-so's life that no one cares about, but they can also contain personal comment about current trends, products and brands.

Neilsen have released a new service that allows you to seach over 100 million blogs for a particular word of phrase. Thus dropping the dipstick into the populous sump and taking a reading of how things are doing for your particular interest.

There is a free version which works quite well although can only capture up to 6 moths of blog data. There are far more sophisticated versions with various analysis as a pay service.

Peer inspired media has never been so rampant and certainly never had the infinite reach that it enjoys via the internet. This tool allows marketers to gauge how well they are getting their messages out into a tradditionally hard to measure arena: unprovoked conversation.


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