Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Semantics Pose Great Conceptual Challengers

Consider the idea of an engaging campaign. What does it do to the consumer? What is one way we would like them to react? We want them to be 'Drawn In'.
In thinking this, I thought whad 'Drawn In' could literally mean in the context of advertising. With much of the advertising out there, the desired effect is much like the image below. This is the lesser of the two potential meanings attached to the phrase which I hope is obvious.

A great campaign WILL draw you in, but not because it fills your head with stuff. The power to draw you in comes from how involved you feel. How much opportunity the communication creates for you. Where it inspires you to go. What you are inspired to do, and how much value you can take from it without even purchasing the product.

That is truly Drawn In.


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