Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shane Warne - the Advanced Man

Advanced Hair is a company that specialize in hair regrowth, if that's even possible. They are therefore mainly targeting men so it's ok if their ads are a little blokey...right.

As you will surely know, Shane Warne is their current personality endorsing the product in their TV advertising, they even have an SMS joke in one of the executions.

I'm not here to talk about the executions rather, whether it's a smart thing for any brand to take on such a loose cannon as the face of the brand.

Many sportstars, popstars and the famous in general are paid to endorse products. All too many times are they caught acting in a way that is not in line with the brand, or worse, using the competior product eg. Britney Spears drinking Coke when she is the face of Pepsi.

I suppose any company or brand runs the risk of their star mascot going off the rails and its a gamble worth taking if they have the potential to add value to the brand if they don't end up being naughty.

Back to Shane Warne, and maybe his antics are what the guys at Advanced Hair are looking for in a brand ambassador. Maybe their target market are all bogans who like to sleep around with as many english slappers as they can. I could have it all wrong.

If they are in fact trying to align themselves with this kind of rowdy, laddish, slapper- sex, then I am positive they will be happy about the latest images circulating via email.

Get in there Warnie, dickhead.

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