Friday, June 09, 2006

The Greatest Ad of all time

Apple have an engaging, likable, and extremely powerful brand. Some of their recent advertising is a little tired although very effective, even if it does rely on the brand rather than the strength of the idea.

I can't say it all started with a single great ad. But what I will say is that the ad below was a pioneer. It ran only once during the superbowl of 1984. It was voted the best ad of the last 50 years by some hot shots in 1995. Plus I think it's a great ad.

The challenge for you is to see if your brand can let lose an ad that will be talked about with such gusto for the next 22 years. Or is the real challenge to maintain a brand that not only lasts the 22 years but evokes such interest and even carries it's own nostalgic value, as illustrated here.

I'd like it to be as easy as creating a good ad and automatically having a great brand, but today, it is not so. Apple have worked very hard to bring their brand to where it is today. You too will have to work hard to keep all of your brand stakeholders engaged.

So here it is, 1984 the ad.

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