Wednesday, June 14, 2006

P and O Cruise Line sell Sex Orgies

This is what the lawyers are saying in attack on the Cruise Line during the current inquest into a death on the Cruise ship Sky in 2003.

A line of copy on a postcard is what has prompted the hoo-haa. It reads "Seamen Wanted." Not sure where the licence to rape is, but hey I am just an Ad guy, not a sharp witted lawyer.

What is happening around us where an innocent line of copy that basically says you can meet girls and have lots of fun can be taken to extreme levels of responsibility. Who knows what kind of fun you like, maybe playing shuffleboard on the top deck with girls in bikini's is your idea of a hot time, I know it's mine.

The postcard certainly does not say, bring your mates, your GHB and drug the female passengers because thats what they are here for. It doesn't even come close.

The case is sound, but the postcard is not a piece of evidence.


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