Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sex Fashion Retail

Retail catalogues boring you? Not enough 'appeal'?

Well, french fahion brand Shai have come up with a solution and indeed a viral campaign that any company would love to have working for them.

Its a downloadable movie with clickable interactive components. Each clothing item on the stars of the film is clickable, and you get the low down on the product. What adds wheels to it is the fact that the participants are actually undressing and essentially getting it on in explicit detail. Thats right, the catalogue is a porno that their clothes just happen to be in. Oh and I presume you can buy them or something.

I must say it's a nice peice of porn, the clothes aren't really for me, but I have watched it about 10 times already...

This is a prime example of a campaign that costs virtually nothing to produce and implement, but will get passed on and downloaded over and over again. This blog is testament to that. I am interestd enough to talk about it while you are interested enough to keep reading to find out how to get a look 'at this spectacle.

A concept such as this can work for so many brands or products, and it doesn't need to be a porno which is really quite a lazy idea. The core value in the model is to give something of value for free ie something that people will seek out if given the opportunity and have your brand host that thing. The important thing is not to be seen as a tack on. Credibility is of the utmost importance and the brand needs to be the foundation that the value sprouts from. It's also a waste of time if you attemt to provide a product/service/space that is not characteristic of your brand. It will confuse consumers and you will also lose credibility. For example if Microsoft were to use the porn catalogue to promote a new peice of software, it would certainly create a stir, but would be utterly confusing in relation to understanding the brand, plus Microsoft have no credibility in the 'sexy' department. It would be a total mismatch and a waste of time.

I recommend you do something like this for your brand/company/service. I doesn't have to be porn unless it is inline with your brand.

Here's the link www.sexpacking.com be advised that this is explicit and for 18+ adults only.

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