Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sesame Street memories are powerful for brands

I saw this clip on a TV show the other day and was transported to the time that I originally saw it.

It comes from Sesame Street and I must admit that the emotion evoked when seeing what was a big part of growing up, was quite strong. And it's not just nostaglia, it's more than that.

The original feeling of being highly impressed, captivated and amazed by the clip were all re-activated. Even though I am much older, I was unable to look at it as an adult, the only way I could see it was as I used to when I was a little boy.

How is this of any use?

Brands should strive to do the same thing. The job of highly effective and engaging brand communications is to install the same kind of higly evocative emotions. Brands, and Ads, can borrow these emotions from wherever they like in order to attach the emotions desired.

This article talks about the role of creative advertising, and the way in which brands borrow value from relevant souces that we can relate to.

Briefly it tells us:

"The role of the creative idea in advertisements is very simple. It is to transfer meaning from something we understand well to something that we understand less well or need reminding about." from the Adliterate blog.

Need I say any more?


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