Thursday, June 29, 2006

1984 will be like 1984

Apple are a powerful brand, and in one of my recent posts I proclaimed that their 1984 superbowl ad was the best ad ever created. I still think this, and there is much evidence to back it up, however, one of their claims in the ad, seem to be un-ravelling.

The sales of Ipods are bordering on monsterous in size, and since the Ipod system will only work with it's own proprietary software it is certainly difficult to avoid doing what Apple wants. Everyone has an Ipod, they all look the same, work the same, and won't let you 'think different' which was a 1990's tag line Apple used.

Here is a parody which even though I love the original, I also like, since it gets at the core contradiction that Apple have embarked upon.


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